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Xpressionz Club

Xpressionz Cultural and literary club

The coordinator of this club is Dr C Kameshwari (Head. Dept of Languages) and the members are:

  • Mrs. K. Neelavathi - Dept of Commerce
  • Dr. S. Lalitha - Dept of Management Studies
  • Dr. Y. Aparna - Dept of Microbiology
  • Mrs. S. Jayalaxmi - Dept of Computer Science
  • Mrs. B. Divya Rekha - Dept of Computer Science
  • Mrs. K. Suvarchala Rani - Dept of Management Studies
  • Ms. Ankitha Nagra - Dept of Commerce
  • Mrs. V. Achuta - Dept of Management Studies
  • Mr. Kaleemulha - Dept of Commerce
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