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Pscife Club


The Physical Science Faculty have started a club in the academic year 2010-11 by the name PSCIFE (Physical Science Club for Information, Fun and Education). There was a competition for the physical science students to suggest a name for the same. Under the voting system, this acronym was selected as suggested by Ms. S K Fatima of B.Sc. (MSCs) III year, 2008-’11.

The purpose of having this club is:

  1. To have better inter- departmental interaction for both students and staff.
  2. To conduct activities like paper presentation, poster presentation, quiz, fun games, Brain quest, etc.
  3. To encourage their analytical skills and to stimulate their thinking and develop confidence.
  4. To make the students more creative.
  5. To try and remove the inhibition that some of the students may have.

The coordinator of this club is "Dr. K. Vasudeva Rao" and the Staff members are :

  • Mr. V. Selva Kumar - Dept of Statistics
  • Ms. Leela Santi - Dept of Mathematics
  • Ms. P. Lavanya - Dept of Electronics
  • Ms. Rajini - Dept of Statistics
  • Ms. S. Jayalaxmi - Dept of Computer Science
  • Student Members 2019-20