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Reports From Members

Here are some articles written by our Club members:

  • Cancer detection by dogs - by Rasagna (B.Sc. 2nd year)Read here
  • A new energy-metabolizing organelle in plants - by Bhanu Chandrika (B.Sc. 2nd year)Read here
  • Necrotizing fasciitis - by Rasagna (B.Sc. 2nd year)Read here
  • Changing A, AB, and B to O - by PriyankaRead here
  • A new approach for HIV vaccine - by Amulya Parlikar (B.Sc. 2nd year)Read here
  • Why knuckles pop - by G. S. Sneha (B. Sc. 1st year)Read here
  • Supramolecular chemistry - by Moumita Bandhopadhyay (Chemistry Department)Read here
  • Ebola virus - by Shivani Dintala (B. Sc. 1st year)Read here
  • New drug for malaria - by Ravi Teja (B.Sc. 1st year)Read here