Centre for Excellence


Centre for Excellence is an organization established exclusively for students of Bhavan’s Vivekananda College in association with Ramakrishna Math(Vivekananda institute of human excellence).Various events are organised and competitions are conducted to signify the importance of enhanced human values and patriotism among the young Students from all streams . Students from UG & PG courses are welcome to participate and discover themselves.

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  • The coordinator of this club is Dr. D Sanjeeva Rao- Department of Commerce
    S.No Name of the Member Department
    1 Mrs. Vanitha Department of Bio-chemistry
    2 Dr. S. Lalitha Department of Management
    3 Mrs. Vinaya Chaturvedi Department of Commerce
    4 Mrs.R.Anuradha Department of Commerce
    5 Dr.Sudha Singh Department of Commerce
    6 Mrs. C. Sreedevi Department of Commerce
    7 Mrs. Sreemathi Raghunandan Department of Commerce
    8 Dr. Y. Suresh Department of Languages(Sanskrit)
    9 Mrs.Sharada Department of Languages(Sanskrit)
    10 Mrs.Shanti Priya Department of Mathematics
    S.No Department Name of the Member Programme
    1 Report writing C.Meghavani
    B. Com Comps
    BSc MPCs
    2 Photography T. V Sai Padmenaban
    R. Rakesh
    B. G. Aakash Reddy
    B. Com Hons
    B. Com Generals
    B.Com Generals
    3 Public Relations Rohan Bhavirisetty
    YVSL. Pujitha
    Niharika Beetkoori
    B.Com Hons
    B.Com Hons
    B.Com Hons
    4 Seva P. Manasa
    B. Nagasurya
    B. Com Hons
    B. Com Hons
    5 Organizing Ravali
    B. Rajasai
    Neha Gudavalli
    BSc MSCs
    B. Com Hons
    6 Fine arts Greeshma chandrika
    BCOM computer
    B.com computer
    7 Graphic designing B. Pavan
    S. Gokul Krishnan
    B. Com Hons
    B. Com Hons